354 – Kolchak: The Night Stalker – The Trevi Collection

Kolchak investigates intrigue in the world haute couture and soon discovers that black magic is afoot.

Simon and Eugene discuss The Trevi Collection.

2 thoughts on “354 – Kolchak: The Night Stalker – The Trevi Collection”

  1. Simon shouldn’t be so hard on this episode – there’s not a single police chief in it.

    I enjoy this episode – perhaps more than it merits – for refusing to follow the template:
    + The episode title doesn’t give the game away.
    + It’s not until the half-way mark that you get a clear statement of what the threat is.
    + No shouting matches with anyone other than Vincenzo
    + Karl doesn’t go to the library for the big Observer’s Book of What Stick to Poke Monsters With
    + Karl has a Big Story published!

    This could have been so much stronger with some atmospheric direction. The moving mannequins and cat attack were so very, very unconvincing. The infodump on where to find the mafia evidence wasn’t any better.

    Coven Member: A nominal contribution would be appreciated … not that nominal.
    – was a good line, but for me, the best line was:
    Vincenzo: He wasn’t much of a photographer…
    Kolchak: He wasn’t much of a skydiver either.

    I love that Vincenzo is now checking his pulse after slanging-matches with Kolchak.

    Madelaine’s turn as a demented Samantha Stephens was terrible terrible acting, but oddly effective. The over-the-top laughter suggested, not possession, but a state of “othermindnedness”. That she’s somehow no longer quite Human. I always find it unsettling. Finally seeing Madelaine’s demise with the blue hair and face (I originally saw this in B&W) also ramps the creepy-factor up a notch.

  2. Hey, I don’t hate all the police chiefs! Just the damn cookie cutter that they’re all stamped from 😉

    Well, I do agree with all your ‘plus’ points, but they all rather indicate what a low bar we have to set for this show! Things like ‘episode title doesn’t give the game away’ really ought to be minimum requirements…

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