Episode 069 – UFO – A Question of Priorities

This week we review the episode of UFO where the war gets real.  The arrival of a UFO defector means Ed Straker faces the worst, most brutal punishment he’s faced to date.

Tune in and discover the body count…

3 thoughts on “Episode 069 – UFO – A Question of Priorities”

  1. I remember the first time I watched “UFO.” That time was in 1996, on the Sci-Fi Channel. There was a marathon one day; I watched the pilot episode and all the way through this episode at least. This episode hooked me on the series.

    Thanks for a fine discussion of the episode!

    1. The series was a bold attempt to do something different yet capitalize on the Anderson’s past efforts.

      I applaud them for something truly unique. (And I never minded Tea in the Midlands.)

      1. Tea in the Midlands was the best. It reminds me of the philosophical discussions in the first (and best) season of “Earth: Final Conflict” and absent from subsequent seasons.

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