Episode 110 – The Prisoner – Arrival

Eugene and guest host Simon delve into the paranoid world of a man who has no name, only a number.

We start a new series this week with the classic British series, the Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan as #6.

2 thoughts on “Episode 110 – The Prisoner – Arrival”

  1. Excellent start to this series of podcasts… discussion was very engaging – looking forward to the other 16 eps.

    Something to perhaps look into as a followup to THE PRISONER… finally came across THE CORRIDOR PEOPLE, which is practically unknown in the U.S. It’s not really sci-fi, but it does fit in with the espionage shows of the 60’s… the Nettwork publicity compares it with THE AVENGERS, but it’s not exactly like that show either.

    Imagine if the last episode of THE PRISONER – “Fall Out” – was actually the pilot episode for another series.
    That’s probably the best description of the show, without giving out particulars… it only lasted 4 episodes.

  2. I’ll be listening to more of this series of ‘casts on the Prisoner.
    I don’t know how well you know the Danger Man series but I’ve long felt that you could derive the basics of the Prisoner from two episodes.
    “Colony 3” is about an isolated eastern bloc spy-school in the form of a typical British town where the inhabitants are a mix of trainees, instructors and security personnel – without any obvious labels to tell them apart.
    “The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove” is a surreal episode in which Drake after an auto accident is haunted by repeated sounds and a mysterious character who keeps popping up in different guises.
    Of course, Portmerion famously crops up a a location in at least one early episode… As, if I recall correctly, a Mediterranean location.

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