122 – Blakes 7 – Space Fall

Convicted criminal Roj Blake is sent on a one-way trip to the prison planet, Cygnus Alpha.  Can he and a group of criminals find a way to avoid their fate?

This week Ben and Eugene discuss the second episode of Blakes 7.

One thought on “122 – Blakes 7 – Space Fall”

  1. Like you guys I really enjoyed this one. Perhaps a little less than the first episode, but still, lots to enjoy: the same grim feel, some flawed (and some downright nasty) characters, same edginess about just how far they will go. A little more claustrophobic.

    Perhaps the story isn’t as well sustained; indeed compared to the exciting ending of the first episode this one fizzles out. I think this is for the reason you discussed – when the whole escape saga is about the lengths to which the players in this conflict will go to – its a let down to have them (Leyland, Jenna, Avon) pull their punches and act against their apparent instincts in what appears to be purely a way for the writer to get out of a situation without killing off all his leading characters.

    I liked the grey utilitarian aesthetic that Ben mentioned in this; it follows on from the previous episode and matches the grimness of the Federation-dominated Universe. So I found it a bit of shame when, for the space ship they discover at the end, they apparently chose to use a set with the multi-coloured aesthetics of a daytime chat show (complete with, as Eugene said, a sofa).

    This piece of salvage (which you tell us later gets called ‘The Liberator’) doesn’t do the story any favours, either. A magical ship? Well, yes, it appears to be a giant, flying, sonic screwdriver.

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