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Still More Rumors

We all love a good rumor, especially when it’s above something near and dear, like Doctor Who, and if you listened to our recent Missing (Now Found) Special episode, you’ll know that we can speculate (read: “pull stuff out of our… er… thin air”) with the best of them!

The fact that Enemy of the World and Web of Fear have been (mostly) returned to us is undeniable, but the question remains, why so damned much cloak and dagger on behalf of the BBC and BBC Worldwide?  Is there a bigger picture with regards to future releases, difficult negotiations or strategic planning? If it’s happening, somebody must know.  Equally, if it isn’t happening, I’m sure somebody has come up with a plausible, if made up out of whole cloth, theory.

Hit tip to Simon for bringing this latest rumor to my attention, which does go a long way towards answering why so much cloak and dagger:  Restoration of episodes unable to be completed by the Anniversary, poor DVD performance of some Hartnell and Troughton episodes (Aztecs Special Edition, for example), negotiations that are predicated on the iTunes sales performance of EOTW and WOF (so, bastard pirates ripping this off from iTunes and selling it, “fuck you” if you screw this up for the rest of us), timing issues designed not to detract from Day of the Doctor (or perhaps DOTD DVD sales) and other completely plausible reasons that almost make sense of both the timing and the cloak and dagger release of the recent missing episodes.

3 thoughts on “Still More Rumors”

  1. This “latest rumour” makes it sound like a single coherent piece proposition, rather than an overly detailed, entirely unsubtantiated, self-contradictory patchwork of speculative futurology.

    Why all the cloak and dagger stuff? As you say, one of two reasons: there’s some truth to the rumours, or there’s no truth to the rumours…

  2. Precisely! It’s one of those two, or perhaps a combination of both!

    Actually, one thing that doesn’t sit right with me about this piece of speculation is the idea that they did find that other episode of Web of Fear but it was unrestorable. No need to keep that a secret. “We found all six episodes of Web of Fear, however, episode 3 was too deteriorated to salvage. The other 5 are in excellent condition.”

    Unless, they’re still trying to salvage it for the DVD release… more sales!

  3. i BELIEVE IT THERES EVERY REASON TO BELIEVE IT sitting on them all couldnt do them up in time of anniversary Marco Complete keeps coming up all the time theres loads of them.

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