137 – Doctor Who – Time of the Doctor

The good Doctor’s time has come.  It’s such an epic concept, it must be the most awesome episode of Doctor Who ever, right?  Find out what we thought in our special Christmas episode!

Doctor Who

One thought on “137 – Doctor Who – Time of the Doctor”

  1. First Doctor = First Doctor
    Second Doctor = Second Doctor
    Third Doctor = Third Doctor
    Fourth Doctor = Fourth Doctor
    Fifth Doctor = Fifth Doctor
    Sixth Doctor = Sixth Doctor
    Seventh Doctor = Seventh Doctor
    Eighth Doctor = Eighth Doctor
    War Doctor = actual Ninth Doctor
    Ninth Doctor = actual Tenth Doctor
    Tenth Doctor = actual Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors (regenerated twice)
    Eleventh Doctor = actual Thirteenth Doctor (end of first regeneration cycle)
    Twelfth Doctor = actual Fourteenth Doctor (beginning of second regeneration cycle)
    Thirteenth Doctor = actual Fifteenth Doctor

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