Blakes 7

139 – Blakes 7 – Cygnus Alpha

Can Blake find a crew on the inhospitable shores of Cygnus Alpha?  Will Avon and Jenna abandon him?


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  1. Int. Liberator set.
    AVON: The molecular structure of Aquatar appears to contain the key to not having to build another set to represent a landing craft.
    JENNA: So you think that is what all this is for? TV magic?
    AVON: The question is, have they solved the problem of providing an in-story explanation?
    BLAKE: No, but we could teleport down to the surface of the planet without ever having to land the ship anyway.

    So this giant, flying sonic screwdriver is stuffed with magic sonic bracelets, too?

    AVON: Where did you get the clothes?
    JENNA: I’ve been told I need to wear a new costume each week. Why don’t you go and have a look so the audience don’t think this is just a convenient cover for the fact there is no conceivable explanation that could account for a fugitive space-pirate having such a large wardrobe?

    Lurching from gripping space-serial to formulaic gimmick-laden series, Blake’s 7 is rapidly losing its appeal for me. Thank goodness IT HAD BRIAN BLESSED IN IT TO MAKE IT WATCHABLE (and I enjoyed your reference to The Avengers…).

    I’m relieved to hear it gets better – I certainly hope this dip in quality is a temporary glitch. The technology aboard the ‘Liberator’ is amazing, and I agree with you guys, and Jenna, it’s a mystery who created it and “I’d feel a lot happier if we knew what had happened to them.” I shall remain optimistic this will be addressed in the next couple of episodes, and they’ll give them back their soft-furnished ship, talking computer and magic bracelets and get back to the political thriller I was enjoying.

  2. Of course, I’m not going to get spoilery, suffice to say that every show has its ups and down and the show is finding its feet in the first series (13 episodes.) The worst is still to come, but so too is the best.

    We’re all familiar with Terry Nation’s work and he had both a flare for brilliance and a flare for lazy pedestrianism. Blakes 7 encompasses all of his muses.

    In a later podcast (Time Squad) I discuss why I think that even the pedestrian episodes are just a backdrop for what Blakes 7 is to me.

    Oh, and yes, the Liberator tale has a beginning, middle and an end. Don’t expect too many answers for quite some time.

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