The Prisoner

152 – The Prisoner – Hammer Into Anvil

If a pigeon lands on an anvil, does it break the hammer?

(Use our special #6 super-decoder ring to learn the secret message above… or you could just listen to Simon and Eugene discuss Hammer Into Anvil!

One thought on “152 – The Prisoner – Hammer Into Anvil”

  1. For those longing to head over to the Pigeon Talk forum, here’s the Pigeon Talk link.

    And here’s the Yahoo Answers discussion on Goethe.

    And relating to that comment from Eugene, about coming back in another role in the next episode, well, after recording this I watched an Avengers episode from 26 January 1963 (Warlock) in which Peter Arne played the main villain. He was back next week, 2 February in another major role (The Golden Eggs)…

    This episode’s No 2, Patrick Cargill, by contrast leaves over a year between his appearances in The Avengers episodes The Murder Market and The Fear Merchants.

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