Blakes 7

162 – Blakes 7 – Mission to Destiny

Is Avon the Saint?  There’s murder aboard the Destiny Express in the Blakes 7 episode, Mission to Destiny.

Ben and Eugene discuss.

8 thoughts on “162 – Blakes 7 – Mission to Destiny”

  1. Well, it’s still not the gritty show I started watching, but I’ll admit I quite enjoyed it again as it went all Agatha Christie!

    I’m enjoying the fact there’s a lot more being given to Cally and Avon lately. The fact that Paul Darrow and Jan Chappell actually do some acting make them far more watchable than Gareth Thomas and Sally Knyvette, who seem to be sleepwalking through each story and just reciting their lines… Perhaps they’ve been lulled into thinking they’re on the set of a chat show? Unless and until they show some interest it’s probably better they take a backseat…

    Thanks for the spoiler warning (did you have me in mind?) I’ll be saving this podcast episode for a listen once I’ve finished watching the series.

    1. Hmmmm… yes, if I specifically mentioned spoilers, I had you in mind. However, I’ll be happy to go check, but I think that was faux-spoiler warning. Do you happen to know where it happened in the podcast, I can go back and check without having to listen to the whole thing again…

        1. No, you’ve nothing to worry about. My spoiler warning was one of those rare instances when I meant “If you haven’t seen this episode, spoiler ahoy!” Because it’s a whodunnit, we spoil whodunnit. That’s all I was warning about.

      1. Darrow is certainly quite watchable. But it’s more that Thomas and Knyvette affect a detachment that makes it impossible to believe they’re not utterly bored by the show, and thinking about their plans for the evening or whatever. I don’t think they’re being especially well written, but the performances make nothing of what little they’re given.

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