Blakes 7

170 – Blakes 7 – Project Avalon

Travis is back with a diabolical plan to destroy Blake and take the Liberator!  Will he succeed?

Ben and Eugene review Project Avalon.

2 thoughts on “170 – Blakes 7 – Project Avalon”

  1. Very little in this to amuse me, despite the return of Servalan. Travis has already, as you predicted, become Master-like in his inability to outwit dozey old Blake and the rest of the crew of his magical ship. That’s despite having a 23-second virus and the (rather unimaginately used) ability to create an almost undetectable replicant. Those things alone are insufficient to re-inject any jeopardy.

    Only storm troopers could do this good of a job. Except we never see them hit the broadside of a barn from this point forward.

    I’m surprised that Eugene didn’t try to explain that away on the basis although the Star Wars stormtroopers were as good as the script says, they were unable to hit the barn because it has the capability to travel through time and space….

    There may also be caves in Cheddar?

    Aren’t Wookey Hole caves in Cheddar? I’m sure I’ve walked the gorge and visited the caves in the same day. Though there certainly are other caves in the UK, I can’t off the top of my head think of any as accessible, especially given the amount of kit a 70s TV crew would have needed.

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