Into the Dalek

172 – Doctor Who – Into the Dalek

The Doctor goes to the most dangerous place in the Universe!

Simon and Eugene discuss the Twelfth Doctor’s second adventure, Into the Dalek.

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  1. Have checked back on Power of Three and Kate is head of scientific research (so a scientist, not military) but also calling the shots (so UNIT itself is science-led). So while she is effectively the Doctor’s successor in the sense of ‘heading up’ the science division (albeit that in the Doctor’s day that division only really had a staff of one) she’s also the Brigadier’s (the Doctor says “Kate Stewart, heading up UNIT, changing the way they work”).

    She’s not military but she calls the shots, so what does that indicate about Twelve’s likely attitude to her?


    He’s unpredictable, is Twelve…

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