174 – Doctor Who – Listen

If you’ve never had that dream about something hiding under your bed, you probably grew up in a culture that sleeps on the floor.

But if you’re part of the Euro-centric world privileged , this episode of Doctor Who might be just for you! ¬†Or perhaps it isn’t your cup of timey-wimey tea.

Find out what Ben and Eugene think as they look at the Doctor Who episode, Listen.

2 thoughts on “174 – Doctor Who – Listen”

  1. I did ‘Listen’ to this podcast quite carefully – and I’m fairly certain I didn’t hear a single thing that I agreed with!

    But that’s just our opinions differing. I’m interested in something factual that I missed completely. You said we know from this episode that the barn is on Gallifrey – how was this revealed? I do agree that this doesn’t make sense (either here or retrospectively in Day of the Doctor, but when viewing I didn’t realise it, so I didn’t have a problem…

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