175 – Doctor Who – Time Heist

There’s a heist that has very little to do with time, but, hey, the Doctor is a Time Lord, so why not?

Ben and Eugene discuss the latest episode of Doctor Who, Time Heist.


3 thoughts on “175 – Doctor Who – Time Heist”

  1. Listened to this today – really enjoyed the discussion – probably more than the episode itself! I especially enjoyed Eugene’s increasingly desperate denials that the barn in The Day of the Doctor and Listen is just a barn. (A static barn.)

    I agree with Ben that Doug Mackinnon is an excellent director – I’ve not only enjoyed his work on Who but on Line Of Duty (with, incidentally, Keeley Hawes). I think Eugene is correct that the slow-mo stuff is a reference, but I’m pretty sure it’s not M:I or Oceans 11+n. It’s Hustle. I think Murray Gold is also doing Hustle in that sequence.

    “Shut up, just shut up, shut up, shut up shutity shut up up up.” It hadn’t occured to me, but I think Ben is totally correct, this is a Thick of It reference. I like it. This episode is better than I thought.

    But the “question two: where is the TARDIS” and “Ok, that should probably be question one” exchange seemed less Twelfth Doctor and more Sherlock to me. I could just imagine Cumberbatch delivering Capaldi’s lines. After all, both co-writers of this episode are Sherlock scribes…

  2. Not “…increasingly desperate…”! It’s increasingly sarcastic.

    I’ve now satisfied myself that (a) The Impossible Barn is the Master’s TARDIS. (b) It’s soul has been transferred into a body (ala Idris in the Doctor’s Wife) (c) that body is Missy.

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