181 – Doctor Who – Flatline

Is this the @jamti fan club?

Find out what Ben and Eugene thought of the latest episode of Doctor Who, Flatline.

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As referenced in the podcast, Jamie Mathieson’s blog can be read here: Jamie Mathieson at Blogspot.

2 thoughts on “181 – Doctor Who – Flatline”

  1. Can I join? Here is my application for membership of the Mathieson fan club. (Hope I don’t get rejected for pointing out the anachronistic Class 117 DMU).

    We’re picking on anything we didn’t particularly care for and calling it a Moffat bit.

    Yes, you are.

    Good can mean the opposite of evil, and good can mean well done… is that really a meaningful distinction?

    Er, yes… I mean, I wouldn’t say “you’ve done a virtuous job putting up those shelves” or “I’m really evil at table tennis”. Or, for that matter, “God is accomplished.”

    Self doubt: maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t think this was new. I have inferred (maybe erroneously) self-doubt – and particularly the Doctor questioning his ‘heroic’ role – before… (Genesis of the Daleks, Waters of Mars, Good Man Goes to War, etc.)

    Very much hoping like you that Mathieson is being asked to pitch for series 35 (or is already writing for it – I guess they must be gearing up to begin filming the new series after Chrimbo?)

  2. Oh, and the other headcode? I had thought it was just the actually headcode normally used on that unit on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway where the tunnel stuff was filmed. But its headcode is 2A57 and on screen we see 2M65. Apparently that’s anomalous too. Gentlemen, start your conspiracy theories.

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