In Search of… Strange Visitors

It’s only episode 2 and I already feel like it’s a “filler” episode.

From the title, you might think this one is about ancient astronauts, but it’s not.  It’s about a site called Mystery Hill in New Hampshire (Now known as America’s Stonehenge.)

According to the episode, Mystery Hill is a strange, pre-European-colonization town that doesn’t exhibit characteristics of the indigenous natives who lived in the area when Europeans arrived.

Native Americans civilization in the area had “…no more impact upon the land than a carpet of bright leaves in an autumn forest.”  It’s all very poetic but is it buying into the myth that Native Americans lived in harmony with the world, or is it a veiled slight at the savages?

Of course, that means they couldn’t possibly have stacked rocks!

Radio-Carbon dating, scientists and Harvard archaeologists ultimately posit that North America was a veritable melting pot of European and North African settlers 1,000 years “…before the birth of Christ” and that Mystery Hill must be the work of ancient Minoans who just nipped over to North America from Crete.

Yep.  I’m glad I learned my North American archaeology from watching In Search of…

I’ll let you look this one up on Wikipedia if you want to get some idea of why ancient Minoans might not be the first, best answer to this “mystery.”

Stonehenge made a surprise appearance in this episode, despite there being no connection with Mystery Hill whatsoever.  Also, so-called Druids.

Lots more footage in this one with the sun flaring and backlighting the foreground subject.  Also, there’s no doubt that when they want to convey a sense of exploring the strangeness, they go for pre-steadicam hand-held cameras.

With all the sun flares, I’m guessing JJ Abrams grew up watching this show, too.

Nimoy is still studio-bound in this episode, too, but this time, at one point, he’s been given an uncomfortable looking stool to sit uncomfortably on.

I don’t remember it from episode 1, but this episode ended with the standard In Search of… closing narration I knew so well as a child.  I can recite it as well as the opening monologue in Star Trek.  It makes it sound all so authoritative!

Lost civilizations… extraterrestrials… myths and monsters… missing persons… magic & witchcraft… unexplained phenomena.

In Search of… cameras are traveling the world seeking out these great mysteries.  This program was the result of the work of scientists, researchers and a group of highly-skilled technicians.

In Search of… Strange Visitors first aired April 24, 1977

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