In Search of… Ancient Aviators

I was a bit worried about watching these shows with my kids.  Much though I enjoy sharing my childhood experiences with them, I was worried that this one might do some harm to their developing critical thinking skills.

I needn’t have worried.  While watching this one, Michelle jumped right to the head of the class.  As Nimoy was slowly building the case for advanced aviation thousands of years ago, Michelle stole the thunder of their final gambit by saying, “Why don’t they just say ‘aliens from space did it’?”

How right she was.

In Search of… Ancient Aviators is all over the board.  Spinning a wild series of half-baked conclusions based on the most tenuous of historical info.  What does the story of Daedalus and Icarus and the work of Leonardo DaVinci have in common?  Yes, they both mention flying!  Other people in the past have mentioned flying, too!  If that’s the case, maybe the story of Daedalus and Icarus isn’t just a myth, but based on something else?

And did you notice that some old temples in India look a bit like rocket gantries?  (or stairways)  Maybe that means something?  Something to do with people flying perhaps?

My favorite had to be this one…  the Mayans of Central America built huge, advanced cities, which we’re slowly digging out of the jungle, but what’s strange is that they don’t have roads between them!  Maybe they had the technology to fly between the cities?

(Or maybe the jungles have uprooted any roads that once existed?)

The whole episode is predicated on the Nazca Lines of Peru, which serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever unless they were built for people in flying machines to see, and, of course, would be impossible to make without aerial surveying.

(At this point, Michelle asked, “what if they just drew it on a small piece of paper and made grid lines on it, the made larger grids on the ground and copied it that way?”  Yes, indeed, Michelle, what if they did do that?  Answer:  There wouldn’t be anything to say in this episode.)

Nimoy is still studio-bound, but his blazer is buttoned this week.

I only noticed one sun flare shot this episode, when they were looking up an abandoned bit of Cape Kennedy and comparing it to some temple in India.

A brilliant observation in this episode, per Nimoy:  An analysis of the Nazca Lines reveals that some of them are pointing at significant astronomical locations but no more so than would be expected by random chance.  Wow, that must mean something!

141 episodes to go!

In Search of… Ancient Aviators first aired April 24, 1977

(Yes, I know that matches the last episode, blame Wikipedia.)


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