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224 – Blakes 7 – Killer

Blake is chasing a bug and Avon’s got a friend!

This week, Ben and Eugene discussed the first Robert Holmes penned episode of Blakes 7, Killer.

223 – Doctor Who – Reign of Terror

Simon and Eugene continue their journey through animated Doctor Who episodes.

This time, they check in on 18th century France and the Reign of Terror.  It’s the Doctor’s favorite period in human history!  nobody knows why.

221 – Blakes 7 – Trial

Gan is dead, Blake feels like crap, Travis is on trial for his life.

Ben and Eugene discuss Trial.

218 – Blakes 7 – Pressure Point

Some episodes of TV shows are pivotal and others are pivotal!

You decide which this is as Ben and Eugene discuss Pressure Point.

217 – Doctor Who – The Infinite Quest

The Tenth Doctor puts in his first appearance in animated form.

Is this a reconstruction of a mysteriously wiped episode of NuWho or something more nefarious?  Simon and Eugene discuss The Infinite Quest.

215 – Doctor Who – The Invasion

Lost in the murky depths of time, the classic Doctor Who series, The Invasion has been restored to us via the means of animation.

Simon and Eugene discuss the success or failure of this endeavor.

(This is a repost due to technical difficulties with the original)

214 – Blakes 7 – Horizon

What’s at the horizon of the known galaxy?  The Federation.

Can Blake ever catch a break?  Ben and Eugene discuss Horizon.