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Episode 031 – Man From Atlantis IV – The Disappearances

Ben and Eugene look at the fourth and final Man From Atlantis movie – Man From Atlantis IV – The Disappearances

Can Mark Harris’ amazing new powers of chemical analysis save Elizabeth and Miller from a stoned-out journey to the stars?

Episode 026 – Man From Atlantis III – The Killer Spores

On December 8, 2010, Man From Atlantis III – Killer Spores was rated 7.3 stars out of 10 in!

Find out in the episode if Ben and Eugene think this is a fair assessment of the quality of this, the third pilot movie for the Man From Atlantis TV series.

Episode 020 – Man From Atlantis II – The Death Scouts

Ben and Eugene discuss the second of 1977’s TV-movie pilots for Man From Atlantis.

Episode 018 – Man From Atlantis – Pilot

Discussing the 1977 American Science Fiction series, Man From Atlantis.

Ben and Eugene discuss if network executives really held science fiction fans in complete and utter contempt and go over some scientific problems with the series pilot and premise.

Also, when discussing the evolution of gills, it should be pointed out that parts of the gill arches evolved into the ear bones, not the jaw bones as stated. That’ll teach me to fly my science by the seat of my pants!