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Episode 070 – The Starlost – Mr. Smith from Manchester

The episode that slipped through the cracks!  Don’t miss our take on the Starlost episode, Mr. Smith of Manchester!

Episode 063 – The Starlost – Gallery of Fear

This time we look at a ponderously awful episode of the Starlost.

We also discuss some of the background information from Harlan Ellison and Ben Bova on the original plans and the horrible disaster that befell the Starlost.

As mentioned in the podcast, you can read some of the information from the writers’ bible for the Starlost right here.

Episode 050 – The Starlost – Circuit of Death

Presented without comment for your approval in the Fusion Patrol zone….

Episode 045 – The Starlost – And Only Man Is Vile

David joins Ben and Eugene to discuss this, the sixth exciting adventure of the Starlost!

Is only man vile? Or is it only some scriptriters?


Episode 037 – The Starlost – Children of Methuselah

Can some really, really old children be the salvation of the Starlost?

Find out why not when Ben and Eugene discuss the fifth episode of the Starlost.

Episode 034 – The Starlost – The Pisces

The Pisces, a small reconnaisance craft from the Earth Ship Ark returns to the Ark after 400 years. Will they be able to help Devon, Rachel and Garth save the Star Lost from certain destruction at the mercy of an unidentified class-g solar star?

Find out more about this indescribable episode of the Starlost on this week’s episode of Fusion Patrol!


Episode 028 – The Starlost – The Goddess Calabra

Three wise people, heading towards a star, looking for a savior… in episode 3 of the Starlost.

What could be more appropriate for our Holiday 2010 episode?

Devon, Rachel and Garth find themselves in a bizarre dome populated entirely by manly men. How will they react to Rachel’s femininity? (Or Devon’s, for that matter!)

Will they be able to check books out of the Omicron Dome’s library.