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143 – The Prisoner – It’s Your Funeral

There’s an assassination plot in the Village and once again, Number 6 is a pawn in a game outside his control – but is he to facilitate the assassination, or to prevent it?

Simon and Eugene look the The Prisoner episode, “It’s Your Funeral.”

141 – The Prisoner – Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling

The Prisoner is finally out the Village and out of his mind!  Has he forgotten the Village?  Has he remembered his fiancé?  Will he find Professor Saltzman to get things sorted out?

Will Simon and Eugene be able to make sense of this one?  Find out as they take a look at the episode of the Prisoner that pleads, “Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.”

The Prisoner






138 – The Prisoner – Dance of the Dead

The Prisoner hatches a plan to escape the Village, but will he end up dead?

Simon and Eugene review the Dance of the Dead.

The Prisoner






134 – The Prisoner – Many Happy Returns

The PrisonerIt’s Number 6’s birthday, but no one has come to the party!  Find out what happens as Simon and Eugene review The Prisoner episode, Many Happy Returns.






129 – The Prisoner – The General


What happens when education fever marches into the village to the the General’s beat and sweeps the Village?  Can #6 save them from universal education?

127 – The Prisoner – The Schizoid Man

Is he black?  Is he white?  Is #12 twice the man that #6 is or will he be diminished?

This week, Simon and Eugene contemplate what happens when there’s 2×6 in the Village in the Schizoid Man.

124 – The Prisoner – Free For All

Democratic elections in the Village?!  Can this be true?  Join Simon and Eugene as they look at the Prisoner’s take on democracy.