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287 – Space: 1999 – End of Eternity

A maximum security space prison comes to Alpha.  The Alphans, cavalier to the implications, stage a jail break to free the political prisoner within…  no, wait, sorry, wrong episode.

A mostly unremarkable asteroid that has been in deep space for over 1,000 years approaches Alpha, they investigate a strange anomaly and discover a door.  Behind the door, they find the kindly, benevolent alien, Balor, who just wants to bring a little philosophy to the Alphans.

Ben and Eugene discuss the End of Eternity.

284 – Space: 1999 – The Full Circle

The Alphans explore the “Mist-terious” planet of Retha.  (See what I did there?)  It’s a world filled with missing people, strange cavemen, dinosaur footprints and questions – oh so many, many questions!

Ben and Eugene explore some of those questions and provide few answers as they look at The Full Circle.

280 – Space: 1999 – Death’s Other Dominion

What are the practical implications of immortality?

The Alphans get the chance to ponder them in much the same way the moon hurtles past planets in the episode Death’s Other Dominion.

Ben and Eugene discuss.

277 – Space: 1999 – Collision Course

Moonbase Alpha is on a collision course with a giant planet.  Science and physics are the only things that can save them, but what a lousy time for John Koenig to get religion!

Ben and Eugene discuss the collision course between faith and reason.

273 – Space: 1999 – Voyager’s Return

Earth has been naughty.  It’s been launching space exploration probes into deep space that kill all life they come in contact with.  Definitely one of their more enlightened programs.

What happens when Voyager One (AKA The Death Probe) finds its way back to the moon?  Can Alpha and a mysterious scientist named Linden take control of the probe and save all their lives?

And who are those aliens ships following Voyager One at a safe distance?

Ben and Eugene discuss Voyager’s Return.

269 – Space: 1999 – The Last Sunset

Terraforming the moon?  The idea is so insane, it might just work!  Ben and Eugene discuss.

Sorry folks.  I know it’s Blakes 7 week, but we’ve had some drama behind the scenes with home-wrecking cars and hard drive failures.   Hopefully, we’ll be back on schedule soon.


267 – Space: 1999 – Alpha Child

Moonbase Alpha’s first child is born!

That can’t possibly go wrong, can it?

Ben and Eugene discuss the Alpha Child.