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268 – Omega Factor – Night Games

The conspiracy deepens.  Is there a mole in Department 7?  What is Tom’s brother’s involvement with sonic weapons?  Why the Picts?  Is Tom on the trail of the man who killed his wife?

Will this blog post end suddenly without a conclusion?

Simon and Eugene

265 – Omega Factor – Visitations

Tom Crane joins Department 7 and investigates mysterious goings-on at a sinister house.

Simon and Eugene discuss Visitations.

262 – Omega Factor – The Undiscovered Country

We start a new series on Fusion Patrol this week – 1979’s BBC produced The Omega Factor.

Tom Crane, latent psychic peers through the curtain to a new world of psychic powers.

Simon and Eugene begin  their exploration with the first episode, The Undiscovered Country.

Miscellaneous Update – May 16, 2016

Hey everybody, in this week’s podcast episode, Ben and I discuss our wish to see an original Space: 1999 writers’ guide.  Believe it or not, there is one!

Check out the Space: 1999 Writers’ Guide at the excellent website, the Catacombs – but beware spoilers elsewhere on the site if this is your first time through Space: 1999.

Also, next week Simon and I will be starting a new series of episodes on the 1979 BBC Scotland series, the Omega Factor, starring Doctor Who companion Louise Jameson.