In Search of… Earthquakes

…and if I thought killer bees would be too mundane… in this episode they’re talking about that most mythical of phenomena, Earthquakes.

OK, maybe they’re not so mythical.

In this episode of In Search of… we’re told that bad earthquakes have happened and many people have died.  Further, more bad earthquakes will happen in the future and possibly many, many more people will die.  In San Francisco and Los Angeles in particular.

This 1977 episode details a scenario of what might happen should another big quake hit San Francisco.  Although the horrific death toll and destruction weren’t as much as predicted, it did paint a good picture of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.

So what’s the crackpot angle on this episode?

Not a whole lot, really, although they trotted out the oft-repeated meme that animals such as dogs and horses “know” about an impending earthquake hours in advance.  They even showed research into using earthquake-detecting cockroaches.

Oh, and in 1982 a rare planetary alignment will place all the planets in a line on the same side of the sun.  The gravity from such an event will create massive solar activity, increasing the solar winds against the earth.  The polar aurora will be increased and the planet’s atmosphere will slow down its rotation, causing more earthquakes.

Yeah, I didn’t understand that bit, either, but we have successfully played Spot the Looney! for this episode.

Nimoy is standing in the same spot he was for the Bigfoot episode.  I didn’t go back and check, but I think it’s the same suit, too.  My guess is they doubled up filming the two episodes.

In Search of… Earthquakes originally aired May 7, 1977.

Only 137 episodes remaining.

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