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Episode 22 – Starlost – Lazarus from the Mist

This week David from Stalking Moon Bookstore joins Ben and Eugene for a somewhat ramshackle discussion of the even-more-ramshackle second episode of the 1973 TV series, the Starlost, entitled Lazarus from the Mist.

Devon, Rachel and Garth find competent engineers and technicians, just waiting to save the Ark from destruction, but will our hosts find any sign of competent storytelling in this episode?

Episode 019 – The Starlost – Voyage of Discovery

1973’s Canadian Science Fiction extravaganza!

This series is almost legendary as an example of how not to make a TV series. Was it really such a train wreck? Is there anything redeemable in it?

Ben and Eugene try to find out: Is all lost for the Starlost?