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267 – Space: 1999 – Alpha Child

Moonbase Alpha’s first child is born!

That can’t possibly go wrong, can it?

Ben and Eugene discuss the Alpha Child.

264 – Space: 1999 – Force of Life

Repost – There was an error with the original upload.

There’s a big, blue ball of light that just wants to make friends with the folks on Moonbase Alpha, and it wants to give an extra big hug to Anton Zoref.

Ben and Eugene discuss Force of Life.

Miscellaneous Update – May 16, 2016

Hey everybody, in this week’s podcast episode, Ben and I discuss our wish to see an original Space: 1999 writers’ guide.  Believe it or not, there is one!

Check out the Space: 1999 Writers’ Guide at the excellent website, the Catacombs – but beware spoilers elsewhere on the site if this is your first time through Space: 1999.

Also, next week Simon and I will be starting a new series of episodes on the 1979 BBC Scotland series, the Omega Factor, starring Doctor Who companion Louise Jameson.

261 – Space: 1999 – Guardian of Piri

It looks like the Alphans have found the perfect world, Piri!  Just in time, too, because Alpha’s computers are going haywire.

Ben and Eugene discuss Guardian of Piri.

258 – Space: 1999 – Missing Link

John Koenig is believed to be the missing link between humans and… humans (I guess,) so naturally, they kidnap him to study like a lab rat.

But when the lab rat gets frisky with the scientist’s daughter what will be the fate of John Koenig?

Ben and Eugene discuss the Missing Link.

255 – Space: 1999 – Another Time, Another Place

Mysterious space force does mysterious things to the inhabitants of Moonrise Alpha, especially that woman with two brains.

Ben and Eugene try to decide if they’d like to be in Another Time, Another Place perhaps instead of watching this episode of Space: 1999.

252 – Space: 1999 – Earthbound

Christopher Lee puts in an imposing guest appearance into this episode of Space: 1999.  Aliens arrive at the moon, destined for Earth.  They kindly offer taking one Alphan back home.  Who will it be?

Earth Commissioner Simmonds, stranded on the moon with the Alphans has some strong opinions on that topic.

Ben and Eugene discuss Earthbound!

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