Episode 043 – Doctor Who – The Curse of the Black Spot

In this, our review of Curse of the Black Spot, I’m pretty sure we spend just as much time discussing our continued disappointment with last week’s episodes and our expectations for next week’s episode.

What does that say about the Curse of the Black Spot?

Episode 042 – Doctor Who – The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon

Yes, it’s episode 42 coming before episode 41 which is languishing in a post-production nightmare.

Let us not forget that it is Doctor Who season!

Ben and Eugene review the first 2-part story of the new series, The Impossible Astronaut and the Day of the Moon.

Sidecar 002 – Smoking Heroes and Role Models

In an offshoot of their discussion on the UFO episode, Survival, Ben and Eugene get diverted onto the topic of smoking in television, public perception, and the nature of heroes and role models.

Episode 040 – Doctor Who Series 6 Speculation

Honestly, we’re just speculating wildly about what might happen on Doctor Who this year!

Episode 039 – Man From Atlantis – Time Travel Specials – Shoot Out at Land’s End & The Naked Montague

Just how badly can Ben and Eugene be offended by these two episodes of Man From Atlantis?

Let me count the ways…

Sidecar 001 – Radio Drama

Sidecar episode 001

Eugene and Simon discuss a variety of disassociated topics, including Big Finish Sapphire & Steel adventures, the state of radio dramatizations in the US and the UK, adaptations as period pieces and media mogul logic…

It’s a grabbag of stuff that was previously left on the cutting room floor – or more precisely, the editing suite bit bucket.

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Episode 038 – UFO – Survival

Injured Col. Paul Foster is trapped alone on the lunar surface, with just a limited amount of air and a long way to walk to return to moonbase… but he isn’t alone.

This week, Ben and Eugene look at Paul Foster’s first outing a full member of SHADO in Episode 5 of UFO, Survival!

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