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Episode 032 – Sapphire and Steel – Adventure 5

This week: A look back at the fifth Sapphire & Steel adventure, Dr. McDee Must Die!

A little SciFi, a little Agatha Christie, a little Nick & Nora Charles and a whole lotta weird – Sapphire & Steel have been assigned!

Episode 031 – Man From Atlantis IV – The Disappearances

Ben and Eugene look at the fourth and final Man From Atlantis movie – Man From Atlantis IV – The Disappearances

Can Mark Harris’ amazing new powers of chemical analysis save Elizabeth and Miller from a stoned-out journey to the stars?

Episode 30 – UFO – Flight Path

Ben and Eugene discuss the third episode of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson’s series, UFO: Flight Path.

The aliens are infiltrating SHADO and using their own computers to develop an attack plan against them. Are Straker and Freeman up to the challege?

Episode 029a – Was “A Christmas Carol” a Fixed Point in Time?

Was the worldwide broadcast of Doctor Who – A Christmas Carol a fixed point in time? One of those pivotal moments that are so imporant in the flow of causality that not even a Time Lord dare change it.

Find out, or at least listen to Ben and Eugene discuss the imporance of this solitary broadcast as we talk a little bit more about the 2010 Christmas special.

Episode 029 – Doctor Who – A Christmas Carol

Doctor Who is returning – we’re halfway out of the dark.

Eugene and Simon discuss Matt Smith’s and Steven Moffat’s first Doctor Who Christmas special: A Christmas Carol

Note: Due to technical problems during the recording of this episode, we had to switch mid-podcast from Skype to telephone and this does noticeably alter the quality of the recording.


Episode 028 – The Starlost – The Goddess Calabra

Three wise people, heading towards a star, looking for a savior… in episode 3 of the Starlost.

What could be more appropriate for our Holiday 2010 episode?

Devon, Rachel and Garth find themselves in a bizarre dome populated entirely by manly men. How will they react to Rachel’s femininity? (Or Devon’s, for that matter!)

Will they be able to check books out of the Omicron Dome’s library.

Episode 027 – Sapphire and Steel – Adventure 4

Episode 027 Sapphire & Steel Adventure 4 The Man Without a Face

We’re back with Sapphire & Steel’s fourth adventure, where they combat a monster of our own photographic making.