Episode 023 – First Men in the Moon

Ben, Eugene and guest Simon from littlestorping.co.uk discuss the BBC’s new adaptation of H.G. Wells’ First Men in the World.

This adaptation, by Doctor Who’s Mark Gatiss, sets the bar for film adaptations of First Men in the Moon.

— First Men in the Moon Adapted by Mark Gatiss Starring: Rory Kinnear as Bedford and Mark Gatiss as Cavor

Aired 19 October 2010, BBC Four

Episode 22 – Starlost – Lazarus from the Mist

This week David from Stalking Moon Bookstore joins Ben and Eugene for a somewhat ramshackle discussion of the even-more-ramshackle second episode of the 1973 TV series, the Starlost, entitled Lazarus from the Mist.

Devon, Rachel and Garth find competent engineers and technicians, just waiting to save the Ark from destruction, but will our hosts find any sign of competent storytelling in this episode?

Episode 021 – Sapphire and Steel – Adventure 3

We return to our coverage of Sapphire & Steel, picking up with their third adventure (sometimes called The Creature’s Revenge) which originally aired in 1981, which sees not only the return of Sapphire and Steel played by Joanna Lumley and David McCallum, but also introduces Silver, played by David Collings.

This week, Simon joins the discussion while Ben (who could be said to be “under the weather”) gets the week off.

Episode 020 – Man From Atlantis II – The Death Scouts

Ben and Eugene discuss the second of 1977’s TV-movie pilots for Man From Atlantis.

Episode 019 – The Starlost – Voyage of Discovery

1973’s Canadian Science Fiction extravaganza!

This series is almost legendary as an example of how not to make a TV series. Was it really such a train wreck? Is there anything redeemable in it?

Ben and Eugene try to find out: Is all lost for the Starlost?

Episode 018 – Man From Atlantis – Pilot

Discussing the 1977 American Science Fiction series, Man From Atlantis.

Ben and Eugene discuss if network executives really held science fiction fans in complete and utter contempt and go over some scientific problems with the series pilot and premise.

Also, when discussing the evolution of gills, it should be pointed out that parts of the gill arches evolved into the ear bones, not the jaw bones as stated. That’ll teach me to fly my science by the seat of my pants!

Episode 017 – Sapphire and Steel – Adventure 2

This episode continues our look at the cult classic series Sapphire & Steel. This time looking at adventure 2, sometimes called “The Railway Station.”

Two mysterious beings, Sapphire & Steel, use their mysterious powers to resolve problems with time.

Find out what Ben and Eugene think of this 1979 TVs series.

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