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114 – Doomwatch – The Devil’s Sweets

Quist and the gang investigate the curious phenomena of increased smoking in Britain.

Episode 089 – Doomwatch – Re-Entry Forbidden

What happens you when you send a British astronaut up on an American spacecraft? ¬†You might say hilarity ensues if the Brit is Basil Fawlty, otherwise… not so much.

Episode 067 – Doomwatch – Project Sahara

This week we discuss the possibilities that computers might be collecting data on YOU, as we discuss Doomwatch – Project Sahara.

Episode 051 – Doomwatch – Tomorrow, the Rat

Another look at the bleak outlook on progress and science with the 70’s British classic, Doomwatch!

Episode 041 – Doomwatch – The Plastic Eaters

The classic 1970 BBC series, Doomwatch is next up on Fusion Patrol.

Ben and Eugene and look at this pessimistic vision of man’s scientific progress and the horrors it can unleash. (Rather like podcasting.)