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233 – Fantastic Journey – Innocent Prey

It’s with a heavy heart that we bid a fond adieu to Fantastic Journey. We’ve followed our intrepid travelers for months now as they try to find their way out of Evoland, but now it is time for the end of their Journey.

Ben and Eugene discuss the final episode, Innocent Prey and review some of the highlights of the series and listener comments.

229 – Fantastic Journey – Riddles

Ben and Eugene arrive at the penultimate episode of Fantastic Journey.  What riddles do this strange and fantastic island have in store for our intrepid travelers?  Have they a new quest?  Will it save them from the oblivion of cancellation?

I think we all know the answer to that!

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225 – Fantastic Journey – Turnabout

What could be more natural than an oppressed group of people rising up against their oppressors, banishing them to the Phantom Zone and setting up Varian, Fred, Willoway and Scott as their new breeding stock?

It’s Joan Collins guest starring in the Fantastic Journey episode, Turnabout.

Ben and Eugene discuss this deeply philosophical episode.

222 – Fantastic Journey – Funhouse

Everyone loves a carnival, right?!

Our weary travelers arrived at a carnival for an episode of fun, fun, fun.  I mean, nothing could go wrong at a funhouse, right?

Ben and Eugene discuss Funhouse.

220 – Fantastic Journey – An Act of Love

What happens when one of the travelers finds a deep and meaningful connection with someone else and decides to settle down?

Ben and Eugene discuss An Act of Love.

216 – Fantastic Journey – A Dream of Conquest

First there was a dream… a dream of conquest.

Ben and Eugene discuss the next episode of Fantastic Journey, A Dream of Conquest.

212 – Fantastic Journey – Children of the Gods

I’ve got the conch!  I’ve got the conch!  And leave Piggy’s glasses alone!

What happens when our intrepid travelers come across a world populated entirely by children (and one adult actor trying to play a child?)

Find out as Ben and Eugene discuss Children of the Gods!