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292 – Omega Factor – Illusions

So that’s it then, this is the end…

Simon and Eugene look at the last TV episode of Omega Factor called Illusions.

Will Tom Crane get his answers about Omega?  Is Martindale really part of the sinister organization?  What about Ann and Tom’s on-again-off-again romance?  Is Scott Erskine a villain?  And what was Tom’s brother really doing? Was it for Dept. 7, or Omega?

Find out all the answers you’ll ever get as we wrap-up our discussion on the Omega Factor.

288 – Omega Factor – Double Vision (Corrected Version)

(Repost with corrected audio file)

Tom Crane is seeing visions of his wife, but is it real?  What with her being dead and all…  or is she?  Or is it Anne in a wig?  Is it Martindale in a wig?  And what about the creepy European guy who specializes in hanging out in cemeteries studying ritualistic ceremonies infused with hallucinogenic drugs?

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Simon and Eugene discuss Double Vision.

We had a problem with the first posting of this episode, this is a repost with the complete audio file.)

285 – Omega Factor – Out of Body, Out of Mind

Investigative report Tom Crane once again has no interest investigating anything psychic until he thinks he can use it against Roy Martindale.

Simon and Eugene discuss the Omega Factor episode, “Out of Body, Out of Mind.”

281 – Omega Factor – St Anthony’s Fire

On a small, remote Scottish isle, a tight-knit community of strangely-behaving locals has a deadly secret.  They also have a flirtatious, smoking hot blond.

That seems like exactly the kind of place Tom Crane would want to be as he investigates the death of two of his friends.

Simon and Eugene discuss St Anthony’s Fire.

278 – Omega Factor – Child’s Play

A child with poltergeist-like telekinetic powers in the hands of a secret government organization?  Stranger things have happened.  What could possibly go wrong?  

Simon and Eugene discuss Child’s Play.

Note:  There was a minor problem with one of the microphones during the recording of this episode which produces some static.  Apologies all around for that.

Also, the episode was recorded months ago, before we had any Patreon patrons, so my comments about operating at a dead loss aren’t strictly true – we are immensely grateful to our patrons who are helping out!

274 – Omega Factor – Power of Darkness

Tom Crane is feeling the need for some female companionship.  Too bad he’s out of practice and as awful as a cliche 70’s mega-slimeball.

In spite of all that life goes on – for some people – as a group of bored college students brings forth the Power of Darkness! (Wasn’t that the plot of Dracula A.D. 1972?)

Oh, and while Tom fiddles, he brother Michael gets burned.

Simon and Eugene discuss the Power of Darkness.

271 – Omega Factor – After-Image

“Go away or I shall taunt you a second time!” may or may not be a line spoken without an outrageous accent during this podcast.

Anne is trying sensory deprivation, but all is not what it seems.  Will Tom get his revenge on the man who murdered his wife?

Simon and Eugene discuss After-Image.