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Space: 1999 Returns

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Earlier this week, Big Finish, a UK-based purveyor of original audio dramas based on various genre programs, and most famous for their 20 year run of original Doctor Who audio dramas announced they’d be starting a new line of full cast audio adventures based on the cult series, Space: 1999, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

To be clear, I have no horse in this race other than Big Finish get fair chunk of money from me every month because they put out a LOT of high-quality audio dramas – the kind that the British still get on radio but are almost nonexistent in the United States. These are the kind that push all the right buttons with me:

Doctor Who, Blakes 7, Sapphire & Steel, The Avengers, the Prisoner, The Omega Factor, The Survivors and Star Cops to name a few. Sound familiar? Yes, it’s exactly the kind of shows we like on Fusion Patrol.

And clearly they are fans, in the best sense of the word, because they care about these series and they do quality work.

Which brings us neatly to Space: 1999.

If you were with us as we went through the original series, you know that it’s a show and a premise that I still hold a great deal of affection for – despite some quite considerable shortcomings along the way. In our conclusion of the series, we opined that what Space: 1999 needed was someone to come back and give it another try. In fact, I think I even suggested that I’d like to see Big Finish give it a try because I think that they would give the show both a loving, faithful and considered approach.

And so on September 13, 2019 – the 20th anniversary since the moon was blasted out of Earth’s orbit, and 42 years since the series originally premiered, Big Finish will be releasing a 167-minute, feature-length re-imaging of the pilot, Breakaway starring Mark Bonnar as John Koenig and Maria Teresa Creasy as Doctor Helena Russell.

Another box set of four episodes, either new or retellings of original series episodes will follow in 2020.

Bonnar will be familiar to listeners of Big Finish’s Doctor Who adventures as the actor portraying the renegade Time Lord known as the Eleven.

In addition to being an actual, tangible product which you can order right now from the Big Finish website, this is, to me, the first piece of news or even speculation about a possible future for Space: 1999 that has me excited. over the moon.

Only the future will tell, but I’ll be there for the Alpha’s newest journey into the unknown.

You can read the Big Finish Space: 1999 press release here:

and order it here:

412 – Space: 1999 – Moonset (Special Series Wrap-Up Episode)

It’s been a long, long journey since the moon left Earth’s orbit back on September 13, 1999.  A journey covering countless light-years, spanning galaxies, universes and other astronomical terms used with complete and absolute imprecision.  The Alphans have travelled far indeed.

So too have Ben and Eugene as they have gone along with them ever step by misstep of the way.  Here now we look back on that journey and reflect on what we learned.

406 – Space: 1999 – The Dorcons

Ben and Eugene enjoy one last journey with the unwitting spacefarers of Moonbase Alpha as they look at the final episode of Space: 1999, the Dorcons.

Episode Synopsis:

2409 days after the moon left Earth’s orbit, Alpha encounters a strange probe in space which paralyzes all the Alphans except Maya, who is singled out and subjected to excruciating pain.

After the probe releases her and the others, the probe dissolved and is replaced by a Dorcon spacecraft.  Maya is fatalistically paralyzed in panic.  The Dorcons want her brain stem to make immortal.  There is nothing the Alphans can do against the greatest empire in the galaxy to protect her.

The Dorcons and their Counsel Varda want to make their leader, the Archon, immortal.  The Archon’s nephew, and heir to the Archon’s throne, doesn’t really want his uncle to be ruler forever.

Koenig refuses to turn over Maya, and the Dorcons start blasting the crap out of Alpha.  Some of the crew start to rebel, suggesting its better to give Maya up to save their lives.

Koenig threatens to kill Maya rather than turn her over and the Dorcons halt their attack.  Next they teleport a landing party down and simply take Maya.

Koenig leaps into the teleport beam and follows them back to the Dorcons’ ship.

There, Malik helps Koenig escape, but leads him astray so that he can get to and kill Archon before he is made immortal, blaming the crime on Koenig.  Archon is killed, but in the confusion, Koenig and Maya escape into the ship.

Confronted by Counselor Varda for the murder of the Archon, Koenig blames on Malik, which Varda realizes is true.  In a shootout with Malik, Varda is killed, but the antimatter engine is damaged.  The Dorcons and their new Archon are killed in a massive explosion.

Alpha sails off one last time into the sunset, their fate never to be revealed.

399 – Space: 1999 – The Immunity Syndrome

A giant space amoeba invades our galaxy, threatening all life and the valiant crew of the starship Enterprise must save us all or die trying.  Whoops, sorry.  Wrong DVD.

Let’s try that again: Cmdr. John Koenig and the Alphans encounter a nonsensical planet.

Ben and Eugene discuss.

Episode Synopsis:  

2310 Days after leaving Earth’s orbit, Alpha has been surveying a promising planet for two days.  There is a strange, inaccessible alien structure, but otherwise the planet seems deserted.  

While everything looks good, John Koenig has imposed a strict quarantine on eating or drinking anything until it’s all been checked out.  That is, unlike all the previous planetary surveys when they just started munching the moment they arrived.

But it’s not the local foods they need to worry about, first a disposable crewman sees a mysterious light and goes murderously insane, nearly killing Tony and then Tony sees the light with similar results.

On Alpha, Maya reviews the survey results and everything looks amazing.  It looks like Alpha may have found a home!

Koenig and security track down and eventually subdue Tony, who lapses into a coma.  They must get him back to Moonbase Alpha immediately.  Koenig and Carter take Tony back to Alpha, but the Eagle starts to malfunction.  It literally is falling apart as they fly  On the planet, the quarantine period is over and everyone who ate or drank anything dies.

The Eagle crashes.  Everyone makes it out alive, but the other Eagle is suffering the same fate.  All their metals and electronics are corroding, the atmosphere is turning lethal and all the food and water is poisonous.

Using solar cells from the alien structure and plastic transmitter bits, Koenig and team build a transmitter, ordering that Alpha refrain from any rescue attempts.  No one is to come down to the planet.

Given a direct order, Helena decides that she must go down to the planet because perhaps her frozen face can halt the planet from turning into a lethal death trap for everyone.  Maya decides to join her because of course she does!  While they have no helpful new information and no plan to help, they do have a plan to get down there.  They’ll use Alpha’s carbon fiber re-entry glider for a one-way trip to the surface.

Fortunately, they gain access to the alien structure and find the Captain’s logs explaining how this alien expedition arrived on the planet and it was a paradise, but soon everything turned to poison.  Then they discovered there is a power alien life form on the planet that, when it attempts to communicate, drives everyone insane and ultimately dead.

Helena and Maya crash the glider, but escape OK.

The aliens had created a suit to try to communicate with the alien, but a flaw in the suit resulted in the alien leader going insane and dying, too.  Koenig and the gang fix the suit, Koenig talks with the alien, which had no clue that any other beings existed.  It also learns that it accidentally killed all those other beings and feels much regret.  The planet returns to normal and Bill Frazier in the orbit Eagle returns and picks everyone up to go home.  The moon is moving out of range and they must abandon this planet.

393 – Space 1999 – Devil’s Planet

Ben and Eugene discuss

Episode Synopsis

2306 days after leaving Earth’s orbit, Alpha discovers two planets in their Eastern quadrant.  An Eagle is dispatched to investigate.  Onboard, John Koenig and Medical Technician Dispensable.

They discover an amazing, Earth-like planet, with high-tech cities, but instead of investigating a big-budget alien city, they investigate a low-budget box in the countryside.  Around the box, lots of dead bodies.  The box is a teleport and out steps a man, who promptly keels over and dies.

Koenig radios back to the B-string team at Moonbase Alpha, who hypothesize that there’s something deadly in the air.  Something that humans are immune to.  They leave immediately and learn that the cities, too, are dead.  Everyone on the planet is dead.

As they leave, they notice the planet’s moon has a breathable atmosphere, too, and life signs, so they go to investigate and promptly crash.

They come upon a hunt where a man is being chased by cat-suited space babes with whips.  The space babes kill the man, also Medical Technician Dispensable hits an electronic barrier and is reduced to burnt clothing.  Koenig is captured.

The planet is a prison and all the prison staff are space babes, most of whom have whips. The prisoners are political.  No one but the warden, Elizia, and her chief security officer, Sares, know that life on their planet is extinguished.

Prisoners continue to serve out their sentences and, when released, are teleported to the planet, where they drop dead almost immediately.  No one is the wiser.

Now, Koenig threatens to upset the apple cart.  He knows the truth, but since no one believes him, I guess that’s not a problem.

A rescue Eagle arrives but they are tricked into believing Koenig and Dispensable are both dead.  They leave.

Koenig tries to escape, but that goes mostly nowhere, but he does retrieve an emergency homing beacon from the wrecked Eagle.  It can not transmit through the prison’s force field, but he has an idea.

He surrenders and is returned to the prison.  He maneuvers himself into the the teleport, Elizia threatens to blow it up, but her staff, ignorant of the death that awaits them at the other end, don’t want to lose their chance to go home.  Koenig forces her hand and teleports himself down.  If she refuses to follow, everyone will know the plague is true. The only way she can prove herself is to teleport down and return.

Rather than be killed by her staff, she teleports down with an eye on killing Koenig as revenge.   She doesn’t last long enough.

The rescue Eagle picked up the homing signal and has returned to rescue John Koenig.  They return to their rock in space, leaving behind a high-tech, uninhabited, earth-like planet that is not harmful to humans.

388 – Space: 1999 – Dorzak

Remember when there were only two Psychons left in the universe; the beautiful and wonderful Maya and her argogant, insane father that didn’t chaff at the idea of sucking the brains out of passign aliens to accomplish his plans?  Remember how we all thought, “Maya’s father is the odd one out – the bad egg in the Psychon basket?”

Enter Dorzak, a great philospher from the planet Psychon and also murderous criminal and we must now wonder, “Maybe Maya is the odd one out amongst the Psychons?”

Ben and Eugene discuss Dorzak.

385 – Space: 1999 – The Seance Spectre

When a combination of John Koenig’s bad command decisions and a lack of leafy green salads to look at come together there’s bound to be lots of high-drama action or excitement, plus questions, lots of questions, like:

  • Was that a seance?
  • Where is the spectre?
  • Why haven’t the Alphans risen up and thrown off their oppressor long ago?

Ben and Eugene discuss the Seance Spectre.

382 – Space: 1999 – The Lambda Factor

There’s a pinwheel in space and we all know what that means!  Psychic phenomena run amuck!

Ben and Eugene discuss the Lambda Factor.

379 – Space 1999 – The Bringers of Wonder

The Alphans are rescued! Just like that time on Gilligan’s Island when the faster-than-light ship from Hawaii arrived and brought all the castaway’s friends with them, despite the fact that hundreds of years had elapsed back on Hawaii.

Only Gilligan could see that their rescuers were actually headhunters from another island using their power of illusion to get the castaways to sacrifice a virgin to the island’s volcano, causing a massive explosion that will kill everyone on the island.

It’s very much like that, only about the moon, and space aliens.

376 – Space: 1999 – Space Warp

Here it is:  The episode you’ve all been waiting for – Space Warp.

John and Tony go on a field trip while Maya suffers the ministrations of Dr. Russell.  Who’s in worse trouble?