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157 – The Prisoner – Fall Out

#6 goes #1

Or at least that’s some people’s interpretation.  Find out what Simon and Eugene thought of this, the final episode of the classic 1960’s series, The Prisoner.

156 – The Prisoner – Once Upon a Time

Things come to a head in the Village as the Prisoner is subjected to Degree Absolute – the ultimate test of his mettle.

Simon and Eugene discuss.

154 – The Prisoner – The Girl Who Was Death

Our hero “avenges” Col. Hawke-Englishe as he battles “The Girl Who Was Death.”

Simon and Eugene discuss.

Also, check out Simon’s reviews of the classic series, The Avengers at Little Storping-in-the-Swuff.

152 – The Prisoner – Hammer Into Anvil

If a pigeon lands on an anvil, does it break the hammer?

(Use our special #6 super-decoder ring to learn the secret message above… or you could just listen to Simon and Eugene discuss Hammer Into Anvil!

150 – The Prisoner – A Change of Mind

#6 starts to envy geese.  Would that happen to anyone who was declared unmutual?

Simon and Eugene discuss the episode of the Prisoner entitled, “A Change of Mind.”

148 – The Prisoner – Living in Harmony

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear!

A mysterious stranger is abducted and incarcerated in the old west town of Harmony.  Will he be the town’s new sherif or is the Judge a poor judge of character?

Simon and Eugene look at the next episode the Prisoner, Living in Harmony.

146 – The Prisoner – Checkmate

In the Village, life is like a chess match, but can #6 tell black from white?  And who is the pawn?

Simon and Eugene review the episode of the Prisoner entitled, “Checkmate.”