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196 – UFO – The Long Sleep

UFO comes to an end.  Ben and Eugene take a look at The Long Sleep, the final episode of Gerry Anderson’s UFO, and then take a retrospective look at the entire series as we bid UFO a fond farewell.

194 – UFO – Mindbender

Mexican Banditos on the moon?

I’m not even sure where to go from there…  so let’s just let Ben and Eugene discuss, Mindbender, the penultimate episode of UFO.

188 – UFO – Timelash

If a UFO could approach Earth and hyper-light speed, would delusions of self-importance make you run around a film studio and taunt your boss?

Us neither.

Ben and discuss the next episode of UFO, Timelash!

186 – UFO – Reflections in the Water

Can Straker figure out the baffling question of what the aliens are doing building an underwater base and creating a replica of SHADO headquarters and their key personnel?

Ben and Eugene discuss Reflections in the Water.

176 – UFO – The Psychobombs

Channeling the fundamental forces of the universe, the aliens turn perfectly ordinary people into superhuman psychobombs!  Find out why this may be their dumbest plan yet when Ben and Eugene discuss the episode, the Psychobombs!

168 – UFO – The Man Who Came Back

Straker’s best friend who we’ve never heard of returns in “The Man Who Came Back.”

Ben and Eugene discuss the TV Series, UFO.

164 – UFO – Destruction

Destroy all life on Earth?  That’s no less than the aliens’ plan in this episode of UFO, entitled Destruction.

Ben and Eugene discuss.