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209 – Ultraviolet – US Pilot

What could be better than the UK version of Ultraviolet?  A US remake with all the skill and craftsmanship of the American television industry,  the people who brought you such classics as Mr. Ed, My Mother the Car and Dusty’s Trails.

The Brits should be proud the Americans have picked up the dropped ball and run with it!

Simon and Eugene discuss.

207 – Ultraviolet – Persona Non Grata

Father Pearse’s crisis of faith threatens the entire organization.

Mike’s obsession with a wet blanket threatens the entire organization.

Angie’s trust in Pearse threatens the entire organization.

Vaughn’s got his head on straight.

What could possibly go wrong?

Find out this week as Simon and Eugene review the final episode of Ultraviolet!

201 – Ultraviolet – Terra Incognita

Simon and Eugene ask the question, how can Mike be so dumb?  Will Vaughn survive an encounter with four leeches and will Angie be reunited with her dead husband?

Find out as we review the penultimate episode of Ultraviolet.

198 – Ultraviolet – Mea Culpa

Pedos in the church, pedos in the park and leeches in the middle!  Can this episode of Ultraviolet get any more unpleasant?

Simon and Eugene review the Ultraviolet episode, Mea Culpa.

197 – Ultraviolet – Sub Judice

A barrister wants to have a baby! Awww, what could be more sweet?

Simon and Eugene discuss the Ultraviolet episode entitled, Sub Judice.

195 – Ultraviolet – In Nomine Patris

The leeches invade the world of security traders, in an episode of Ultraviolet that scrupulously avoids the use of the term, “day traders.”

Simon and Eugene discuss In Nomine Patris.

193 – Ultraviolet – Habeas Corpus

This week we start a new series, Ultraviolet.  What is a Code V?  Why do they counterfeit money?  What are they planning?

Join Simon and Eugene as they discuss this 1998 British series.