205 – Blakes 7 – Shadow

Blake attempts to enlist the Terra Nostra – The Space  Mafia – in his battle with the Federation.

Is it really wise for a wanted criminal with a huge bounty on his head to identify himself and his awesome spacecraft to some of the most notorious and well-organized criminals in the galaxy?

I guess we’ll find out as Ben and Eugene discuss, Shadow.

204 – Fantastic Journey – Atlantium

How fast can an episode of a podcast about the Fantastic Journey get derailed?

Answer: Pretty darned fast!

Ben and Eugene discuss Atlantium and Star Trek, and SciFi, and movies, and network executives…  in fact, pretty much anything except The Fantastic Journey.

203 – Doctor Who – Death Comes to Time

We here at Fusion Patrol are very animated about Doctor Who, but what happens when Doctor Who gets animated?  Find out as Simon and Eugene begin a journey through animated Doctor Who, starting with Death Comes to Time.

202 – Blakes 7 – Redemption

The creators of the Liberator want to redeem their property. Meanwhile, can Blake save the crew from the fate predicted by Orac in the last episode?  Or will it be Avon that saves the day?

Ben and Eugene discuss Redemption.

201 – Ultraviolet – Terra Incognita

Simon and Eugene ask the question, how can Mike be so dumb?  Will Vaughn survive an encounter with four leeches and will Angie be reunited with her dead husband?

Find out as we review the penultimate episode of Ultraviolet.

200 – Star Trek – The Wrath of Khan

For our 200th episode, we look at the ultimate Star Trek movie (according to conventional wisdom.)  Can Ben and Eugene take a film that they love and pick it apart?

Of course they can!

Join us for the celebration of Star Trek that is The Wrath of Khan!

199 – Fantastic Journey – Vortex

It’s time for a new series here at Fusion Patrol!

Ben and Eugene explore deep into the Bermuda Triangle on a Fantastic Journey!  The pilot episode is titled, Vortex.

Podcast and reviews from the team at Fusion Patrol

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