258 – Space: 1999 – Missing Link

John Koenig is believed to be the missing link between humans and… humans (I guess,) so naturally, they kidnap him to study like a lab rat.

But when the lab rat gets frisky with the scientist’s daughter what will be the fate of John Koenig?

Ben and Eugene discuss the Missing Link.

257 – Blakes 7 – Volcano

The planet Obsidian has a secret.  Will the crew of the Liberator find Blake on a planet of pacifists?

Ben and Eugene discuss Volcano.

256 – Doctor Who – The Underwater Menace

Is this the most divisive episode of Doctor Who ever?

Simon and Eugene fundamentally disagree of the place of the Underwater Menace in the pantheon of Doctor Who episodes.

Podcast and reviews from the team at Fusion Patrol

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