181 – Doctor Who – Flatline

Is this the @jamti fan club?

Find out what Ben and Eugene thought of the latest episode of Doctor Who, Flatline.

—– Special show notes sections —–

As referenced in the podcast, Jamie Mathieson’s blog can be read here: Jamie Mathieson at Blogspot.

Blakes 7

180 – Blakes 7 – Breakdown

Could Gan flatline?  Find out if a regular star of a show, who’s even counted in the title of the series itself could possibly die of a brain malfunction in Breakdown, the latest episode of Blakes 7 to be reviewed by Ben and Eugene.


176 – UFO – The Psychobombs

Channeling the fundamental forces of the universe, the aliens turn perfectly ordinary people into superhuman psychobombs!  Find out why this may be their dumbest plan yet when Ben and Eugene discuss the episode, the Psychobombs!

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