259 – Doctor Who – Galaxy Four

Finally, we come to the final pavement stone in our journey through animated and/or DVD-released Doctor Who reconstructed episodes with the First Doctor adventure, Galaxy Four.

After their¬†complete disagreement about the merits of Underwater Menace last time, I’m sure Simon and Eugene will agree on this one…

258 – Space: 1999 – Missing Link

John Koenig is believed to be the missing link between humans and… humans (I guess,) so naturally, they kidnap him to study like a lab rat.

But when the lab rat gets frisky with the scientist’s daughter what will be the fate of John Koenig?

Ben and Eugene discuss the Missing Link.

257 – Blakes 7 – Volcano

The planet Obsidian has a secret.  Will the crew of the Liberator find Blake on a planet of pacifists?

Ben and Eugene discuss Volcano.

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