Episode 011 – Who Is the Best Doctor?

Simon from Little-Storping-in-the-Swuff Blog joins us to compare Doctors 9,10 and 11 (Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith) to find out who wins the battle of the Doctors!

In part 1 we look at the category of “the New Guy” – episodes that introduce a new Doctor, companion or both.

Part 1 of 5

Episode 010 – Doctor Who – Our Predictions Revisited

There’s nothing more humbling than looking at your own predictions and holding them up to the cold harsh light of reality the next morning.

In the episode Ben and Eugene see if they even came close in their predictions for the Doctor Who series finale and then, after taking their lumps, turn their eye towards the future again, this time of their own podcast.

Episode 009 – Doctor Who – The Big Bang

Discussion of the Big Bang, the final episode of the 2010 series of Doctor Who.

Episode 008 – Doctor Who – The Pandorica Opens

On the verge of the Doctor Who series finale, the Big Bang. Ben and Eugene discuss any number of crazy theories that will happen based on the events seen in The Pandorica Opens.

This episode ran a bit long because we were just having too much fun.

Episode 006 – Doctor Who – Vincent and the Doctor

Ben and Eugene get all art-critic-like in this episode reviewing the latest episode of Doctor Who, Vincent and the Doctor by Richard Curtis.

This is episode 6 in our special series of episodes about the 2010 series of Doctor Who. Just 2 more stories to go after this one, folks.

Episode 005 – Doctor Who – The Hungry Earth & Cold Blood

Ben, Eugene and guest David discuss Chris Chibnall’s new Silurian 2-part story, the Hungry Earth & Cold Blood.

For more information about why “Silurians” are possibly the worst named and renamed creatures ever, read my blogpost at Lone Locust Productions

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