199 – Fantastic Journey – Vortex

It’s time for a new series here at Fusion Patrol!

Ben and Eugene explore deep into the Bermuda Triangle on a Fantastic Journey!  The pilot episode is titled, Vortex.

198 – Ultraviolet – Mea Culpa

Pedos in the church, pedos in the park and leeches in the middle!  Can this episode of Ultraviolet get any more unpleasant?

Simon and Eugene review the Ultraviolet episode, Mea Culpa.

197 – Ultraviolet – Sub Judice

A barrister wants to have a baby! Awww, what could be more sweet?

Simon and Eugene discuss the Ultraviolet episode entitled, Sub Judice.

196 – UFO – The Long Sleep

UFO comes to an end.  Ben and Eugene take a look at The Long Sleep, the final episode of Gerry Anderson’s UFO, and then take a retrospective look at the entire series as we bid UFO a fond farewell.

195 – Ultraviolet – In Nomine Patris

The leeches invade the world of security traders, in an episode of Ultraviolet that scrupulously avoids the use of the term, “day traders.”

Simon and Eugene discuss In Nomine Patris.

194 – UFO – Mindbender

Mexican Banditos on the moon?

I’m not even sure where to go from there…  so let’s just let Ben and Eugene discuss, Mindbender, the penultimate episode of UFO.

193 – Ultraviolet – Habeas Corpus

This week we start a new series, Ultraviolet.  What is a Code V?  Why do they counterfeit money?  What are they planning?

Join Simon and Eugene as they discuss this 1998 British series.

Podcast and reviews from the team at Fusion Patrol

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