224 – Blakes 7 – Killer

Blake is chasing a bug and Avon’s got a friend!

This week, Ben and Eugene discussed the first Robert Holmes penned episode of Blakes 7, Killer.

223 – Doctor Who – Reign of Terror

Simon and Eugene continue their journey through animated Doctor Who episodes.

This time, they check in on 18th century France and the Reign of Terror.  It’s the Doctor’s favorite period in human history!  nobody knows why.

222 – Fantastic Journey – Funhouse

Everyone loves a carnival, right?!

Our weary travelers arrived at a carnival for an episode of fun, fun, fun.  I mean, nothing could go wrong at a funhouse, right?

Ben and Eugene discuss Funhouse.

221 – Blakes 7 – Trial

Gan is dead, Blake feels like crap, Travis is on trial for his life.

Ben and Eugene discuss Trial.

220 – Fantastic Journey – An Act of Love

What happens when one of the travelers finds a deep and meaningful connection with someone else and decides to settle down?

Ben and Eugene discuss An Act of Love.

219 – Doctor Who – Dreamland

The Tenth Doctor takes a turn at CGI animation in this tale of the American southwest and aliens!

Simon and Eugene discuss Dreamland.

218 – Blakes 7 – Pressure Point

Some episodes of TV shows are pivotal and others are pivotal!

You decide which this is as Ben and Eugene discuss Pressure Point.

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