247 – Doctor Who – The Moonbase

The Second Doctor, Ben, Polly and new Companion Jamie arrive on the moon just as the Cybermen make their second attempt to wipe out mankind.

Simon and Eugene review this, the last (so far) of the animated reconstructions of lost Doctor Who episodes.

246 – Space 1999 – Black Sun

The Alphans encounter a giant, black hole in space, so it must obviously be a back sun!  Worse still, the moon is plunging directly into it!

How are they going to survive this?  Obviously, they won’t.  Join us as they all die.  Or not, as the case may be.

Ben and Eugene discuss Black Sun.

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245 – Blakes 7 – The Keeper

In the run-up to Star One, the gripping second series finale of Blakes 7 we take a detour to The Keeper – an episode of Blakes 7 that few people consider “a keeper.”

Nonetheless, Ben and Eugene dutifully explore the second series’ penultimate episode.

244 – Doctor Who – The Tenth Planet

A reconstructed episode special.

Simon and Eugene look at the first Doctor’s final story, the Tenth Planet and the animated reconstruction of the missing final episode.

243 – Space: 1999 – Matter of Life and Death

The runaway moon crosses paths with Terra Nova, a planet almost too perfect to be true.

In fact, it is too perfect to be true because it is the home of the anti-matter parrots of death!

Ben and Eugene discuss the second episode of Space: 1999, Matter of Life and Death.

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