271 – Omega Factor – After-Image

“Go away or I shall taunt you a second time!” may or may not be a line spoken without an outrageous accent during this podcast.

Anne is trying sensory deprivation, but all is not what it seems.  Will Tom get his revenge on the man who murdered his wife?

Simon and Eugene discuss After-Image.

270 – Blakes 7 – The Children of Auron

On the planet Auron, there are children.  These children are called “The Children of Auron.”  That is where this episode gets its name.  There are no children in this episode.

Ben and Eugene discuss.

269 – Space: 1999 – The Last Sunset

Terraforming the moon?  The idea is so insane, it might just work!  Ben and Eugene discuss.

Sorry folks.  I know it’s Blakes 7 week, but we’ve had some drama behind the scenes with home-wrecking cars and hard drive failures.   Hopefully, we’ll be back on schedule soon.


268 – Omega Factor – Night Games

The conspiracy deepens.  Is there a mole in Department 7?  What is Tom’s brother’s involvement with sonic weapons?  Why the Picts?  Is Tom on the trail of the man who killed his wife?

Will this blog post end suddenly without a conclusion?

Simon and Eugene

267 – Space: 1999 – Alpha Child

Moonbase Alpha’s first child is born!

That can’t possibly go wrong, can it?

Ben and Eugene discuss the Alpha Child.

266 – Blakes 7 – City at the Edge of the World

Vila gets to be the hero!  Vila gets the girl!  Vila gets the chance to live a new life on a beautiful new world!

This must be some fevered dream Vila is having during an illness, right?

Ben and Eugene discuss, City at the Edge of the World.

265 – Omega Factor – Visitations

Tom Crane joins Department 7 and investigates mysterious goings-on at a sinister house.

Simon and Eugene discuss Visitations.

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